About Masha

Masha Verhoogt is one the most successful interior and ambient designers in Eastern Europe. Her flexible, client oriented and multi-style approach has gained her a very solid reputation in the field. Under the umbrella of the company “Roma62”, she takes on complex projects with substantial budgets, in Romania as well as abroad. Masha Verhoogt, interior design

Masha, together with the Roma62 team, has more than 60 finished projects ranging from apartments and offices to large projects like hotels, events halls and luxury residences. She has over 30 appearances and articles in just about every major interior design magazine in the country. A part of this can be seen on the PORTFOLIO and MEDIA page.

Their success partly comes down to their specifically client oriented philosophy, resulting in the client feeling very implicated in the design and execution process, and usually getting more satisfying results than he or she was expecting for. This because interior design is not just about visual design, it is much more, as it reaches into the core values of every personal being:
● Interior design is about visual integrity.
● Interior design is about functionality, comfort and ergonomics.
And maybe most important:
● Interior design is about relating aesthetics to somebody’s personal being, lifestyle and social status.

Inevitably, any interior design project will always reflect the designer’s view and aesthetic values. Although this can lead to an artistic highlight, in itself it is not enough. A good interior design is a design that is specifically tailored to create a perfect fusion between the designer’s view and the client’s needs, spirit and values.
This is what we do, and we do it well……